Is Cardi B Pregnant Again?

Could Kulture have a sibling soon?

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am getting word that Cardi B may just be pregnant again. I honestly don't see her and Offset waiting for another one. I am seeing images of her online that suggest strongly that she's got another one in that oven of hers. Now, I can't post the pictures for legal reasons. However, I have to say that these pictures that I have seen a pretty compelling.

Cardi has been laying fairly low recently. She took a bit of a beating after old video clips of her admitting to drugging, robbing and even raping men. Now, how she escaped that unscathed is beyond me, but it really speaks to the fact that this woman is so loved. I was very upset about it, but double standards win! Anyway, people, I anxiously await the next incarnation of Cardi B. Why? Because who she was was addictive but, certainly cannot sustain itself. BUT...Cardi may disagree!

In the wake of the criticism, she basically said she is going back to the old Cardi and won't be as outspoken or political like she's been in the past. I think she looks at the internet too much. She needs to leave the comments alone! She needs to evolve! That may be hard, but its necessary especially when the past has alleged rap, robberies and what not! That said, I can get with a new kid from Cardi B and Offset. Speaking of Offset, why didn't his album go farther?

You may be able to see some of the pics by clicking here.

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hell no! she aint neva been pg this is a DRAGMAN IN PLAIN SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh.. it's been circulating online for a while now.. let's wait till she comes out clean .. Smile