Is Cardi B Pregnant For Real? Cardi Answers The Rumors!

Cardi B wastes no time responding to the rumors that she is with child.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I bet Cardi and crew are playing with the blogs, but lets play the game. The latest rumors say Cardi B is in fact PREGNANT and that she is due in July. Shocker! Now, I am in no position or space to confirm or deny this, but it seems like something that could be true. As you know, Cardi B has been dating the rapper Offset that hails from the Migos camp. Both of them are a “lot” and yet we still talk about them.

Anyway, Cardi wore a dress that really hides her whole belly.

Well, Cardi shot it all down – AGAIN. Check the video above.

I am really just wondering when the album is going to drop.

Lastly, here is the scoop from TMZ.

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not for long....


no second single, no album. just constant gossip