Is Drake A Culture Vulture? The Streets Are Talking!

One person got this conversation going and Drake may have himself to blame!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am not sure why this is a thing more than 10 years after Drake made his debut. Drake has without question maneuvered in and out of American and Hip-Hop Culture with the ease oil in rusty gears. (I know that is a horrible analogy, but nothing else came to my mind immediately.) Keeping it a buck, the way Hip-Hop affects the world, I am not sure why this Drake thing is a thing.People are asking, "Is Drake A Culture Vulture?"

Drake responded and even said the dude Wiley's name:

And Wiley responds with a whimsical nature.

This MC brother was going at Drake quite some time, but, for me, it wasn't until Drake addressed it that it was a thing on a wide scale.

Now, here is my thing...if Drake is a culture vulture, a lot of people in rap are. Rap Music is inherently music that borrows from other places and cultures. Rappers all over have borrowed from other facets of itself to pop off. I won't name names, but lets just say that this sort of "sampling" is not foreign to anybody in the rap game.

What say you?

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His music sure doesn't sound Canadian.


Listen to him talk and then listen to his southern accent on his records and decide for yourself. Besides, he mocked black peoples struggles in blackface. What more do we need?