Is Drake Dating An 18-Year Old Daughter Of A Legendary Producer??

Drake is smitten with an 18 year old ALLEGEDLY.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Let me tell you - If I was Drake, I would be a beast. Right now, I am the opposite of a beast. One could say I am a docile ball of vegan fur. But, if I was Drake, I would find me a nice MILF that has no kids and drill down on living a long life together. That sounds like heaven to me! YEP! But, the rumor world is saying Drake - that half Black, half Jew - that has been with Serena, every other vixen/stripper, and even dating an 18-year old WOMAN. I do NOT want to make Drake out to be some sort of R. Kelly, Jr.

So, here is the happy couple.

They sure look happy!

Now, are they a couple couple, as in seeing each other or more, his Drake tapping the boo-tay of a girl, I mean woman, over 10 years his junior. Now, before I continue, this is the daughter of legendary producer Jimmy Jam of Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis! You may not know about them, but they used to produce for ohhhhhh EVERYBODY IN R&B. I ain't even going to disrespect them and start listing names. So, Drake might be with JJ's kid, Bella Harris. She's a model and was first linked to Drake back in June - AFTER she graduated from HIGH SCHOOL.

No. 1-1

Good for them.