Is Drake The Real Reason Jeremih Was Kicked Off PartyNextDoor Tour?


Jeremih has certainly been with the sh-ts! As you know, Live Nation has kicked the R&B singer off of his tour with PartyNextDoor, but we’ve learned that someone else may have played a role in Jeremih’s dismissal. OH YEAH…THIS IS HAPPENING!

by ClassicOne Rumors.

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We kind of understand Jeremih’s frustration of not headlining or co-headling this tour as he has more hits and has been in the game longer. However it’s PartyNextDoor’s “moment”, so the R&B crooner has had to be demoted to the humbling position of the opener. #Politics

Apparently Live Nation weren’t the only people fed up with Jeremih as newly leaked audio on the situation [obtained by Fameolous] has hit the net. In the audio a man is chronicling Jeremih’s antics and his tour demise. The man alleges that Drake was involved in getting Jeremih fired.

One time for Jeremih and this stunt double. LMAO who does that. He was fed TF up. The man also claims that PartyNextDoor was blind sighted by the whole ordeal, and he actually wanted Jeremih to remain on tour, but Drake and Live Nation were like, NOPE!

You know Drake is petty and very calculated, so we wonder will he drop some diss bars about the matter on his forthcoming project, ‘More Life.’