Is "Empire" About To Be Cancelled?

Jussie Smollett may be the reason "Empire" gets cancelled!

(AllHipHop Rumors) YOOOOOOOOO! I know "Empire" hasn't been as good as when it started, but there are a lot of people that live and eat off of the show! This stunt Jussie Smollett allegedly pulled off may cause the death of the whole franchise! That is the rumor - the whole show is in jeopardy! The show is not renewed yet, even though they have a lot of press from this situation.

He's already been written out of the last two episodes of Empire , but Jussie Smollett's arrest could have an affect on the fate of the entire show.

The US TV series, which is currently in its fifth season, has yet to be officially renewed by FOX for its sixth, and according to TMZ , staff are worried about their jobs.

Sources from the show have reportedly said that "anxiety is high" over the delay as several other shows on the same network have already been told of their continuation or cancellation.

TMZ also indicates that even if the show is renewed for a sixth season, Empire bosses have "expressed serious reservations" about Jussie returning to the show after his character Jamal was removed from the end of the series.

I think they will keep the movement going, because this is really the worst case scenario.

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this is a hoax and pysop for the dumb people ignore this shit!