Is Fabolous Finished Or Is It Just Business As Usual?


Can F-A-B-O snap back from the charges against him or is he dunzo out here?

Is Fabolous Finished Or Is It Just Business As Usual?

(AllHipHop Rumors) I know that Fab has about 20 years in this rap game. He’s done some pretty amazing things as a rapper and an entertainer. It is hard to conceptualize how all of that work, talent and perseverance could be destroyed in a moment. Well, it can. As you know, Fab stands accused of domestic violence that includes allegedly knocking out his girl’s teeth earlier in March. Just this weekend, video emerged of Fab wielding a knife and waving it at Emily B and her dad. His bodyguard restrained him, but Fab threatened him with a bullet.

The internet says one thing: Fab’s career is over. If you look all around you can see that people are allegedly over him because of the matter. Peep:

Get the picture?

In the streets, it is a bit of a different story. Fab and Jada did a show tonight and it was packed…chock full of support.

This is the last post that Fab has put on his IG. He has alluded to the drama quite a lot in his posts. The comments are crazy though and they are varied af!

The streets seems to suggest this is business as usual but there are reports that at least 500,000 people have deleted Fab from their devices. Wow.

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Fck this LAME Has Been Female Beater! Was Always a THIRD STRINGER anyway, but NO ONE is fcking with this scrawny hothead with NO FUTURE! #One&Done