Is Future Sitting On 3 R&B Albums Worth Of Material?


#FutureHive get ready! Future is known for dropping a number of projects back to back, and he had a pretty good 2015. Future has already released 'Purple Reign and Evol,' and he's informed his fans that even more music is on the way. However, this year, Future may be taking his music in a different direction, the direction of soulful R&B. According to Hot 97's Ebro, Future has 3 R&B albums sitting in the vault. There isn’t an official release date for the albums, but when he does drop them, we are sure the #FutureHive will be just as supportive as they've been with his previous projects. We aren't sure this is exactly what we want from Mr. Dirty Sprite, however, all of the rappers are "singing" these days, so it comes to no one's surprise that Future would be releasing these type of projects. To Future's advantage, no matter how good or bad the music he releases is, he has a crazy fan base that will support it. Most of you like Future's music to turn up to, but in your opinion, is he that great of an artist? Does he make great music? Will his R&B be better than his rap?

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