Is Future The Michael Jackson Of Rap?

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) Future has certainly been one of the hottest rappers over the last few years, however we have to be careful at times with the praise we give.

Future has certainly had the wave, the sound, the hype, the following, the albums, but I wouldn’t say he is or ever will be the MJ of anything.

As you know, super producer Zaytoven and Future have had an incredible working relationship together over the years.

In a recent interview with Sway in the Morning, Zay compared Future’s creative process and output to that of the legendary Michael Jackson.

“In rap right now, Future is almost like Michael Jackson to me,” said Zaytoven!

Zaytoven clarified his comment by explaining that Future reminds him of Michael Jackson with the speed that Future is able to put out high-quality music.

What’s funny is the fact that sometimes with or without clarification, some folks can’t even get past the idea of even having Future and Michael Jackson’s name in the same sentence. LOL.

“When I watch Future record and his process and what he do over and over again, he’s just super great. I don’t think nobody can compete with what he does. Like somebody can be amazed at watching me go in and make a beat in ten minutes and be like, ‘Damn man that was amazing.’ I’m watching him do that in the studio over and over and over again. I give him beats that I’m like, ‘Dang that beat really ain’t all that, I don’t like it.’ [He’ll say], ‘Pull that up. Every beat you give me, pull it up, I’m about to go through them.’ And when you hear what he puts to it and how he approaches it and what it sounds like when it’s done, I don’t know anybody else that can do that. ‘I don’t care what the beat sound like, pull it up, and I’ma turn your beat into a hit.’ Like I didn’t even like that beat, now it’s my favorite beat I ever did,” said Zaytoven.

Didn't y'all ask this dumb question like 2 months ago? I could swear this is deja vu…


How can you even possibly compare these two? IMO they're both great. Definitely not similar.

Michael Jackson is a musical freak of nature, who also scholarly to the arts. Future in no way, shape, or form comes close to achieving the impact Michael Jackson had on pop culture, to Hip-Hop music. If anything, Future's music is not even considered a frequent play for the average Hip-Hop Head that strictly embraces potency and lyricism. Future does his thing for the modern day Hip-Hop Head, but I am not very confident on Future having the same impact or crafting style as the GREAT Michael Jackson.

Future is More Like John Lennon