Is History Repeating Itself With Megan Thee Stallion And Cardi B?


Could there be a tad bit of beef in the crock pot?

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am thinking I may be off here, so feel free to tell me I am. But, there MAY be some things perculating with Cardi B and the new hot chick Megan Thee Stallion. Now, we know that just a couple years ago there was only ONE female rapper at the top of the pile and now there are many poppin' off. Meagan is the one people seem to like the most. This is no longer a Cardi / Nicki world. So, we now have Cardi at the top of the pile and Megan is right there in all of her melanin glory!

Now, honestly I have made comments that maybe Cardi B is waning a bit, but after the BET Awards the other night, I take it all back. Cardi is looking stronger than ever and her new song, "Press" has grown on me. I say all THAT to say THIS...and this is small, but NOT petty!

Cardi liked a comment that was disparaging Megan. Now, will all her millions and millions of followers, Cardi knows that this will be see and how it will be interpreted. Megan is also from Houston! We cannot afford for some beef to brew over some nonsense especially when we are seeing Hip-Hop has a land of ladies. Thoughts?

Nicki is even working with other female rappers, something she never did back in the day...the day as in Cardi B's grand rising.

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Cardi B is garbage