Is Illseed The Same Illseed?

AllHipHop's Grouchy Greg starts something, that illseed will finish!!

(AllHipHop Rumor) YOOOOOOO! How did I become a rumor? Well, I have to thank Grouchy Greg for this one! So, the dudes (Chuck & Greg) were on Shade45 with Sway! What a great thing and momentous affair! They were celebrating AllHipHop's anniversary! So much has happened and changed through the years. The rumors are no exception. Yes, the rumors have changed over the years, but is illseed different too?

Unfortunately, people...its the same ol' illseed. Yes, we went through some changes and I have personally but...same ol g. These days as as grown man, I am doing other things, but I am still committed to the section. Anyway, Grouchy made a statement that seemed to suggest that there were other people doing the rumors, but what he meant was there is more than one person doing the rumors. So, you may see other names on articles as well. That is to keep the content flowing when I am being a human.


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