Is It Beyonce That Kanye West Is Really Upset With?


(AllHipHop Rumors) While Kanye West has recently blasted Jay Z for his alleged less than brotherly behavior, it seems that Ye may actually be even more upset at his "sis" Beyonce!

Remember, last month Kanye revealed that he was upset with Jay Z for not showing enough concern about his family after Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris. Although Jay called, Kanye felt he should've and could've come over to console them.

Now rumor has it that Kanye is actually even more upset with Beyonce as he's "caped" for her for so many years with no support from her.

I mean after all Kanye walked on stage to diss Taylor Swift in front of the whole world only to take up for Beyonce.

According to OKMagazine, Beyonce can't deal with Kim Kardashian, so both couples' relationship with each other has suffered.

Beyonce doesn't like Kim, and her failing to accept who Kanye has chosen to be his wife is causing major issues. A source told OK,

“Kanye’s spent years gushing about her, but she doesn’t like Kim, and it causes big problems.”

I mean who can forget the fact that Jay and Bey skipped KimYe's wedding!

Allegedly Kanye never heard from Beyonce after Kim's robbery, and that was just too big of a blow for him to experience.

If this is true, we could actually see how and why he would take it personal. Then again, Kim and Ye are always with the sh-ts, so that is a lot for anyone to deal with. LOL.

Do you think Beyonce really hates Kim K?