Is Jay Electronica About To Drop His Solo Debut?

Jay Electronica is still on the tip of our tongues, but this seems to be a false flag!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Over the weekend, I was on the internet and NOT interacting with humans during this fallacious 4th of July holiday. Well, while I was doing this, I came across a song that was touted as a new Jay Electronica song. We'll Jay-E is the god and one of the guys I am always looking for something amazing from. Under the song was the caption: "Off the long-awaited Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn), dropping September 19th, 2019." This would mean that in less than three months, we could possibly have a new album from Jay Electronica in a year that has been light.

This does not look promising. And, the people I initially have talked to said this is not real. I have been punk'd! First of all, the song disappeared. DAMN. I only got to listen to it once. POOF! Now, some people said that the song was old and that it was all a big old fake-me-out move from somebody that had access to the song a ways back.

Well, I am happy to offer some good news. Jay Elect may not have new music, but Ghostface does. Check it!

I realize this has happened to me plenty times with Jay ElectronicA, by the way.

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didnt even read the article cuz its illseed click bait


Do he even still got a deal