Is Kanye Looking To Change His Album Title AGAIN?

Kanye Is Getting More Press!

Uh. Kanye’s new album is less than two weeks out. And he has not picked a name yet. You know this is the digital era, jack. Dude, back in the day, it would be siting in a factory getting ready to be leaked. Anyway, in a Twitter poll, Kim Kardashian asked her followers what the title of her husbands new album should be. She included all of the album titles, past and present: So Help Me God, Waves and SWISH. So far So Help Me God was in the lead by a pubic hair! I am thinking dude is basically tired from the controversy or something. That Max B stuff has to annoy him as a creative. Then again, what do I know?

Do you care at this point? Then again...yeah...people care.