Is Kanye West Dropping Another Dud! The Previews Are In!

Kanye West has been previewing his new music all over white media! What's he got for us?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Guess what? We are all waiting for that new GOTDAMN Lil Wayne album, Tha MUTHA F#CKIN Carter V! That's right! We are all looking to get that boy Lil Wayne BACK in the top slot where he belongs with the Greats! That's right LIL TUNECHI!!!!!

All of a sudden, like a car crashing into you as you go to something important like your comes Kanye West! You know what? NAH. Listen to this and realize why I am saying "NAH."

I know some of yall are like this:

But I am am like this:

Need I remind you that Kanye continues to support Donald Trump? Oh, he put on a Kap sweater to try and confuse people without getting the Illuminati Hound on his case. But, people see this for what it is. PROMO AND TROLLING!

No. 1-1

that was trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!