Is Kanye West Leaving The Roc Nation Family?

Is Jay Z Losing One?

There are rumors that Kanye West is leaving The Roc! But, don’t get it twisted - this is what was said earlier from HITS Daily Double.
On a related topic, why is Roc Nation’s Rihanna’s “American Oxygen” not exploding at retail? The track sold a meager 7k last week. Is it possible the botched Tidal launch put that big a stink on the record? But the Rihanna-Tidal relationship is pressing on, according to a recent rumor, which has the struggling service getting a window of exclusivity on her forthcoming album, tentatively titled R8. In other action, Kanye West has left Roc Nation for management, inside sources say.

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AHA! But these are the facts: Kanye ain’t leaving the Roc….its like leaving the mob. We know people that know people too, B.

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