Is Kanye West Quietly Thinking About "Big Brother" Jay-Z?

Kanye West is back, but not the way you thought he was....

(AllHipHop Rumors) If you thought Kanye West's Sunday Service was about music, you were kinda wrong. Sunday Service has been a pretty good segue for Kanye West to re-establish himself from the MAGA-Ye persona that emerged a couple of years ago. Well, he wants to drop a new "thing" on you all - a reality show! The reality show rooted in the Sunday Service show series.

Apparently, Ye wants the Kim and the Kris to help him get it poppin on TV right before "Kickin It With The Kardashians" (or whatever the name of the show is). What do you think? I really don't know much more than this, but I will say I don't want to see it. Believe it or not, the main issue is that the show is religious based and Kris Jenner cannot reportedly get anybody to bite on gospel and rap mixed for reality TV.

Now, is Kanye missing Jay-Z? I think sooooooooooooooo....There is a new song called "Brothers" and Kanye is talking about somebody. It premiered on Irv Gotti's show "Tales" and got people talking. Irv might have said too much, because in a now-removed IG post, he gave his thoughts.

"There is a lot of speculation right now on who is Kanye West rapping about on the song Brothers. So here is the song. That BET cut off because of there [sic] way of airing episodes. But it was always meant for the audience to hear the whole record.Listen. And decide for yourself if you think Kanye is rapping about Jay Z or Virgil. But Ye's brothers. And also let me know if you liked the episode and song. We did it for yall. My hip hop culture. -IG"

He says how much he misses the brother[s] in his life. "We'll be brothers forever"

I guess.

Here it is on youtube slowed down. You have to set the playback speed to 1.75 for it to play back regular.