Is Lil B Shooting His Shot At Lil Nas X?

Rapper Lil B The Based God recently made some crazy comments about his sex life.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Rapper Lil B The Based God is known for being a colorful personality in the Hip-Hop community. His music is considered cult-like by some and downright outlandish by others.

However, the Bay area musician has amassed an impressive following for himself. His legions of fans still ask for the Based God’s blessings.

In recent years Lil B has made headlines for his curse on athletes such as James Harden. While blessing others such as Kevin Durant into winning their first NBA championship.

His alleged antics have followed him throughout his career. As Lil B once famously named his album “I’m Gay.”

Much to the dismay of many in the Hip-Hop community. However, it’s his recent comments that are garnering him attention once again.

Lil B took to Instagram recently and stated “If I could get myself pregnant and have a kid myself thats def an option.”

However, the comments from the Based God didn’t stop there. Later he would go on to call rapper Lil Nas X “thick.”

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