Is Lil Boosie A Brother In Kappa Alpha Psi?


Bad Azz Boosie may have made a wrong move! Illseed gets to the bottom of Kappa-gate!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Getting into a fraternity can be a very difficult process, especially if you are old school. And then, after you step into the frat (no pun intended), you have a lot of responsibility. So, when somebody puts on that shirt or sweatshirt, you know they went through something and earned it. 

When you see rapper Lil Boosie on social media sporting a Kappa Alpha Psi sweatshirt, you have to ask the question: WTF IS GOING ON. As for me, I busted out laughing, because I knew this was simple. This dude put on a Kappa shirt and went out in public not knowing what he was doing. Check out the social media:

I am cracking up! My dude used the hashtag "KappaFresh" - LOL! Now, this is not a joke. A lot of people take this fraternity thing very seriously and they are known to battle even inside of their own ranks when somebody does not come in right but is then seen when a shirt on. You KNOW they don't feel Boosie wearing it randomly. Here is the inside scoop nobody else knows.

My sources tell me Lil Boosie is wearing that Kappa shirt, because his older brother is a Kappa and apparently lil bro just put it on. Maybe he looks up to his big bro or something. I am hearing the brothers in the Kappa organization hollered at the brother and told him to check his brother! I believe (sources say), Boosie did indeed get a call from his brother to cut it out. I am not sure exactly how that impacted the Bad Azz. On social media, Boosie sang a different tune.

Boosie cray! He better be easy, because this really is nothing to be played with. The Nupes (Kappas) are pretty much gentlemen, but they might wild out in cases like this. 

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No disrespect toward the Kappas or the Lady AkA's (with they fine asses), but y'all better leave Boosie the fukk alone...


But when Kamaiyah did it, no one seemed to bat an eye.


I HIGHLY DOUBT anybody is going to do anything but ask for an autograph. I say that as a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Inc.