Is LL Cool J Ducking KRS-One Or...Is It Something Else?


LL Cool J and KRS-One might be headed for a battle, but LL is resistant.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Is LL Cool J ducking the rapper teacher KRS-One? This idea is being explored through the thoughts and emotions around the internet pertaining to the new potential Verzuz battle. KRS-One straight called LL cool J OUT in an in interview with Fat Joe. He straight challenged him! Now, to some, this means you MUST respond.  LL Cool J does not seem to be inclined to battle KRS-One because there is a start difference in the nature of their content. KRS-One is one of the most celebrated lyricist in Hip-Hop history and so is LL Cool J.

But the question at hand is: Is he ducking KRS-One? I am not so sure that is the case right now. LL is one of the BATTLE LORDS. He does not DUCK BATTLES! I think there is something to be said about a matchup i.e. the one between Snoop Doggy Dogg and DMX! It was a good battle, but the winner was based on preference!  That may just rub some people the wrong way. LL Cool J has such a broad range in Hip-Hop and KRS-One does too but they are very,very different. LL Cool J is more of a popstar/TV star than KRS-One, the living definition of Hip-Hop. 

What do you think?

KRS-One had a very aggressive posture, saying the LL would not SURVIVE a battle! These are supposed to be exhibitions, but this is coming off like straight up 80's / 90's BATTLE. 

I can't find the time stamp right now here is a Fat Joe interview with KRS-One!

It should be noted that Swizz Beatz and KRS have a song from a few years ago and it BANGS. I know this is for the OGs, but Hip-Hop doesn't lie down and die!

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Did you REALLY type this " LL Cool J is more of a popstar/TV star than KRS-One, the living definition of Hip-Hop?" LL is the 1st HIP HOP SOLO MEGASTAR! The Pop MTV appeal didn't come along until later!


LL don't want no 80s rapper he feel it's beneath him he rather jayz nas type caliber rappers that's why