Is Love and Hip Hop Trying To Use Plus Size Model’s To Boost Ratings?

Simone Grant

Love and Hip Hop might want to chill before they cause a media uproar with their latest “casting call.”

The Love and Hip Hop franchise keeps growing and growing adding new “celebs” we’ve never heard of before.

Love and Hip Hop was initially supposed to be about the music, at least that’s what we thought. Now, they’re adding new talent to their roster and filming scenes that have nothing to do with music! Such as, on and off relationships, drama between girlfriends and side chicks, cheating, and all sorts of irrelevant topics.

Now, it looks like the Love and Hip Hop franchise is trying to really boost their ratings by their alleged casting call. According to Project Casting, Love and Hip Hop: Miami is now looking for plus size models.

You heard it right! What storyline would they center around plus size models on their show? I hope they don’t plan on body shaming these ladies all for ratings.

It looks like the franchise is trying to profit off of a very sensitive topic in the media. Lizzo has received backlash for her flaunting her body on social media and twerking on screen. Has you thinking if she were a size 2 or 3 would she still receive this type of public scrutiny? Possibly not. Women like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj show off their bodies all the time without the same backlash.

The casting reads:

Miami – Love and Hip Hop Miami


RATE $40, half day shoot, 6-10 PM, Dec 20

Send full body pic, name and phone if not on file. Outfit, makeup and hair will be provided Wynwood area. Parking provided.

Project Casting hasn’t posted this on their Instagram. Maybe they’re trying to lowkey keep this a secret before word gets out what they are trying to do. Love and Hip Hop isn’t really doing all that great on the ratings, especially Miami. So maybe they think this will help?

What y’all think about this? Is this another ridiculous way for Love and Hip Hop to make money?

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100% Truth!!


Actually I believe it to be media negativity on how it's being portrayed. The shade on plus sized women, our community who rights, writers who work on sites demolish comments opposed to the positive feedback! This industry organization has women who are comfortable exposing themselves on the hype of plastic surgery, Hollywood proception on women glass figure! Love and hop exposure is messyness of human behaviors that celebrities be previewed as class but in reality have real life distinction such as Mental health, drug addiction etc putting a platform of big size women who really don't get audition or cast unless they lose weight..I view this post as another way to put stigmatism on why they casting to underline the problem we have today in discrimination.. Lizzo got backlashed saying it might have been kids in stadium but in reality events bring on celebrities that are half naked with kids in audiences and viewer on television such as Beyonce, cardi b , Jennifer Lopez but they don't get backlashed because it's paid performance! Think about it 😁