Is Machine Gun Kelly Battling His Lawyer Over Money?

Machine Gun Kelly is being dragged into court by his lawyer.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Machine Gun Kelly is known for battling MC’s on the mic. But now has to battle it out over money in the courts. MGK for short, is reportedly facing a legal battle with his business partner James McMillan. The entertainment lawyer is suing MGK for breach of contract after he allegedly refused to sign a merchandise agreement

McMillan is out here saying that Est 19xx LLC, the entertainment company he started with MGK, and its subsidiary Make Millions Music LLC may lose a gang of cash, $800,000 to be exact, if Mr. Kelly artist doesn’t sign his name on the dotted line and agree to the merch deal that’s on the table. According to the lawsuit, the deal has been on the table since last summer but is about to expire quick, fast, and in a hurry.

While McMillan and Ext 19xx claim that MGK is required to begin arbitration under an agreement that’s been in place for the past seven years, MGK is not having and has refused to do so. Mr. Kelly says the agreement and arbitration “are not binding,” the lawsuit asserts. This could get ugly.
If you let McMillian tell the story, he believes that if wasn’t for him, MGK would have never landed his deal with Interscope in 2011. The relationship started to go south when MGK started doing big business under his new company, MGK Media Group LLC.

In spite of the legal action that going on, MGK is still about his music. He just released his fourth studio album, Hotel Diablo, which dropped earlier this month and he’s set to go on the Hotel Diablo Tour in August.