Is Michael B. Jordan The New "Neo" In A Reboot Of "The Matrix"?

Hopefully ​we can get MBJ in yet another franchise!

(AllHipHop Rumors) You know Hollywood really doesn't do a lot of original block busters these days. We've seen Aladdin, Godzilla, Men In Black (MIB and more all come back this year. I got news for you: there is another possibility on the reboot block. I am hearing that Newark, NJ's own MBJ aka Micheal B. Jordan is going to be starring in a reboot of "The Matrix," a dope franchise that actually started in the late 90's! The Matrix franchise was a trilogy and it was pretty damn classic series that starred Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, Joe Pantoliano and more. That was 20 years ago, but a lot of people still remember it.

Now, they are talking about a new one with the Creed star.

The Matrix 4 is supposedly on the way, but it won't be by the directing team The Wachowskis. Instead it will be allegedly directed by Lana Wachowski only and it won't be a reboot at all. Before we continue, there is nothing formal about this rumor and nobody at Warner Brothers is saying it is true. But the talk has been very loud this year. MBJ has been mentioned in line with this movie for a couple of years now, but it really is picking up some steam now.

So, here's where it gets interesting. First off, MBJ is reportedly NOT on deck to play Neo, as originally played by Keanu Reeves. Reeves is actually on board with the new Matrix as long as the Wachowskis are involved. (Fun fact: When The Wachowski did the movie, they were men and now they are trans women. They were originally known as The Wachowski Brothers.) With Lana Wachowski at the helm, insiders say it is likely to Reeves' sign-in. AND...MBJ might be playing a young version of Morpheus (originally played by Laurence Fishburne). With Laurence Fishburne still out here kicking' butt, I wonder how that would work.

No matter what, I am here for it.

Here are some things to note, Neo was originally played by a Black man named Will Smith. At the time, in '99, he didn't feel ready for the role. What a missed opportunity! We also have no idea what success or lack of it would have have had if not for the dream time that eventually convened. Michael B. Jordan has been in The Wire, CREED and more like The Black Panther!

Speaking of which, I think Killmonger is coming back!

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Will turned it down for MIB. Reeves had also turned down MIB. They both chose wisely.