Is Nas Working Things Out With Kelis?

Nas drop contempt charges against Kelis

(AllHipHop Rumors) Nasir Jones once said, “A thug changes, love changes, and best friends become strangers.” He hit the nail on the head with that one. After having a messy break-up and a very public custody, he his ex-wife, R&B singer turned chef Kelis seem to be making the best of a bad situation.

Kelis will not have to face contempt charges stemming from her custody battle with Nas. According to reports, the “Jarreau of Rap,” dropped the charges days right before a hearing on was about to happen.

According to court documents, an attorney for Nas filed the request for dismissal last week.

Nas wanted Kelis to be found in contempt and claimed she has violated their custody agreement 17 times since January 2018.

In his affidavit for contempt, Nas claimed he had an agreement with Kelis. She would have custody on Christmas and he would have custody on New Year’s Eve.

He claimed, "In or around December of 2018, Kelis moved to Cartagena, Colombia and took the minor child without my consent."

Nas said Kelis told him of her plans stay in Colombia to take care of a farm with her husband, who she claims is Colombian.

He wrote, "On Christmas, Petitioner informed me by text message that although her ‘plan’ had been to bring the minor child back to me in Los Angeles for New Year’s, the plan had changed. She then stated that the new plan was to come back on January 4, 2019."

He claimed Kelis did not return to L.A. on January 4 but instead made him wait until January 14 before bringing the child back into the U.S. Nas also said he was unable to reach or speak with his child during the time he was in Colombia.

Nas accused Kelis of violating the custody order and refusing to allow him to see his son.

We’re glad to see that Nas and Kelis worked this situation out.

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Sounds like he being treated like a sucker. No way I’d let my ex-wife get away with that nonsense. She either has dirt on hik or he didn’t want custody

Simone Grant
Simone Grant

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