Is Nelly Thinking Of Backing Out Of Forthcoming Saudi Arabia Gig?


Nelly may not want to secure this bag.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! Word on the curb is that Nelly may be thinking of backing out of his planned Saudi Arabia gig.

They say, all money isn't good money, and rumor has it that he's not feeling so confident about the gig anymore.

Nelly is scheduled to perform in Saudi Arabia next month, but this may not be the bag he wants to pick up!

His scheduled concert in the very conservative Saudi Arabia has already stirred up a bit of controversy on social media.

It seems like everyone is divided. LOL.

Some Saudis have pointed out Nelly's 2015 guilty plea for possession of marijuana.

As you probably know, smuggling drugs is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, and the possession of any type of drugs is a crime as well.

People are also disappointed because for one the concert is a male-only concert, and on the other hand, some people haven't cleared him in the court of public opinion for the rape accusation that he was facing.

Although Nelly was arrested last month after a woman claimed he raped her on his tour bus, he was later released, the woman dropped her pursuit of the charges, and he was never charged with the crime.

Eh, in my opinion, it sounds like there are a lot of reasons why he may not want to take his azz over there.

What are your thoughts?

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No. 1-1

Hell naw he shouldn't go there hmm no drinking, no smoking, no women. Mess around and be stuck over there...