Is Nicki Minaj Accusing Cardi B Of Stealing Her Style?


Fans initiate a heated debate, and Nicki sides with her army!

By Ne’ Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) The competitive spirit of Hip Hop appears to be alive and well, and raptress/Barbie/businesswoman, Nicki Minaj, appears to feel a little disgruntled at the idea that someone is copying her style.

That someone in question is none other than 2017’s most “winningness” artist, Cardi B, who has hit the ground running ever since “Bodak Yellow” decided to bully its way into everyone’s playlists.

Instead of speaking on the subject directly, Minaj posted a picture of a simple response to her fans claims that they see similarities. Her picture simply quoted,

“I’m glad ya’ll peeped."

This sent the Bardi Gang and the Barbz into a war zone where no lives were spared.

Cardi fans went on to share multiple pictures which show the vast, comparable, almost identical looks that Minaj has shared with her predecessor, Lil’ Kim.

Keep in mind, when Minaj first hit the scene, her identity and image was based around the exotic, colorful style that Kim brought to the rap game as a teen, no matter how much Nicki tries to deny it.

It’s almost comical to see that Minaj wants to jump on the bandwagon instead of letting Cardi have her time to shine without criticism.

Is it safe to say that the head Barb in Charge is feeling the Cardi train creeping up on her throne?

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