Is Nicki Minaj Going To Go At Lyor Cohen? With Dame Dash?

Nicki Minaj has a new "big bad" and it ain't Cardi B.

(AllHipHop Rumors) It is a very interesting thing that may be happening here. Nick Minaj pup something on Twitter that strongly suggests that she is going to go at Lyor Cohen, who is now running the show over at YouTube. Lyor is an important figure in Hip-Hop since he was at Def Jam Records. He's the man, but many have accused him of being a "culture vulture." I am not sure what I think of that, but there are people that definitely feel he's a bird of that type. Check out what Nicki typed into her Twitter:

And then she posted something about Dame Dash too. Now, if you have been under a rock, you may not know that Dame Dash - the co-founder of Rocafella Records despises Lyor more than Dame. Shoot, I think Lyor inspired a whole book for Dame.

So, Nicki considers this man a snake now?I wonder what that meeting yielded. Can't be positive.

Nicki had a meeting and everybody's going crazy over this: