Is Nicki Minaj's Mom Sabotaging The No. 1 Barb In Charge?

Is Nicki Minaj stressing over her mother's new moves?

(AllHipHop Rumors) There's nothing like a mother's rage! I don't know what its like to be a mom, but I know they can be fiercely protective of their kids, especially if they feel like they are being wronged. Carol Maraj is the mother of Nicki Minaj and Jelani Maraj. Jelani is the dude - Nicki's brother - that was found guilty of sexually abusing an 11-year old girl. Dude did it! But, as previously reported, the mother has other thoughts on it.

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She is going to be doing a lot of talking. There is very little to be gained from talking about this case right now, unless you want to do something else. The case took a toll on Nicki, reports say, but ultimately she had to admit that her beloved brother was guilty as charged. Her mother does not believe her son did this, according to internet intel and now allegedly holds animosity towards Nicki for moving on. AND, her mother is allegedly looking to now "hurt" Nicki by talking about this as Queen is dropping. As far as I am concerned, Queen is a comeback album and is slated to drop at a critical juncture in her career! There is a LOT on the line!

On top of this, it would seem that Nicki is stressed overall. At least, that's what "they say."