Is Nicki Minaj Trolling Meek Mill?



(AllHipHop Rumors) First of all, Nicki has confirmed that people are basically dumb as hell. She posted a CLEARLY photoshopped picture of her pregnant. Just a couple of days ago, she was all NOT pregnant and reunited with Lil Wayne and Drake. It was like she got out of prison. Welllllllll....people now think she's preggers when she may just be trolling her ex.

Do you think that is what she is doing? Maybe.

They were together for a minute! If I was Meek, I would have substituted Nicki's birth control for a sugar pill or something! There is a presumption of petty with this one. LOL! Honestly, Meek has been holding on much better than I expected. If you cry in silence, it does not matter. "Stay Litty" at all cost. In Meek's defense, some are saying she is the one that is scorned and negative. I just think 'tis the season for people to act out of accordance with their natural age bracket. Its Hip-Hop!

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