Is R. Kelly Out Here DM'ing Teen Boys?


Whoa! There are terrible accusations against the boy, uh man, R. Kelly!

(AllHipHop Rumors) R. Kelly has been accused of some heinous stuff, including molestation, sex slaves and even dressing like a complete weirdo. See?

But the man is now being accused of some even more strange stuff than preying on young girls! What you may ask? Preying on young boys! Now, am not saying this is true, but this is definitely out here in the digital streets. Take a look:

Here's more of the allegations...

I have never heard of Kellz doing the flip flop from young girls to young boys, but these are the allegations. What are your thoughts? OR is this some kind of ploy to make him look worse than he already is? I mean, its pretty hard to make him look bad-er-er, but this is where we are now.