Is Rapper 6ix9ine Being Extorted By An Underage Girl?

Is 6ix9ine Being Blackmailed By A Woman Claiming To Be under aged?

(AllHipHop Rumors)6ix9ine can't seem to catch a break.

Seriously something bad happens as soon as something good happens for the kid.

It's a mind-boggling thing to witness. I'm not sure if the guy is cursed or just having a string of bad luck.

6ix9ine released his latest hit record "FeFe" featuring Nicki Minaj, but was kidnapped and robbed quickly after the record was released. Not only that, but the rapper has also been recommended to serve 1-3 years in prison and register as a sex offender.

That fact makes this next rumor unsettling as rival Trippie Redd posted to Instagram that 6ix9ine was sleeping with a 15 year old girl.

"she 15. Don't kill the messenger. GET THE STRAP.," said Trippie Redd.

To make matters worse, there are now rumors floating that the alleged underage woman may be blackmailing 6ix9ine. Who knew success could cause so much damage to a man's personal life?

DJ Akademiks would offer more details on the matter.

"I just spoke to #tekashi69 who is the rapper from the last post. Apparently according to him the chick is clout chasing after she asked for money to go bail out her boyfriend. And apparently after they didnt do what she wanted she is claiming he smashed her underage.," explains Akademiks.

This is truly a crazy story and things don't look good for 6ix9ine despite a good outcome to this situation.

Hopefully, he can regained control of his life in the future and distance himself from a lot of this.