Is Rick Ross's Health Condition "Critical"?


Prayers Up For The Big Boss Rick Ross!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am getting worried. When I saw that Rick Ross fell ill, I just figured dude was going to get up and walk out and do some press on it. Now, I am not so sure. The words on the streets are not encouraging me to be positive. Ross remains in the hospital and word is that his family are flying in from all over to see him, because his condition is worsening. TMZ used the word "dire" to describe it. Some have stated that this is just click bait to get people to click their articles and that may be facts. We have not really heard a lot ELSE from this matter. Right now, Ross remains in a Miami-area hospital. I for one really hope the brother gets better.

On the good side, I heard that his daughter (seen below) posted something on IG stories that had Rozay talking in the back. Now, that IG story is now gone (24 hours), but it would seem like there is some "good" news to report back.

In the mean time, listen to his last album, ironically titled, Better You Than Me.
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But it would seen or seem? You guys please get your weight up in reference to checking your work before posting man! I guess there are no editors on staff huh? I swear you guys want to call yourselves actual writers but you can’t SEEM to bothered to check your damn work at all. I’m surprised I keep catching you guys on this. What a shame Chuck.