Is Rihanna Dissing The Queen?


When I first heard of this, I didn’t know what to think! Rihanna dissing the QUEEN?

by the inside man

(AllHipHop Rumors) My immediate thoughts was WHO? Beyonce? Mary J? Nefertiti? Michelle Obama? My mother!? But, no. In true Euro-Fashion, the rags are alleging that Rihanna is somehow dissing the Queen of England, who turned 91.

They turned this into a “thing,” but i don’t think it is a thing at all. Basically, as you will see below, Rihanna basically took her body and slapped the Queen head on scantily clad figures. I am thinking this is silly, but some people are offended. The thing is, RiRi is already mobbed in with the royal family for HIV and AIDS awareness. Seems like Rihanna just being Rihanna. Eventually, RiRi seemed to respond to the critics saying, “Its not that deep.”

It just occurred to me…Rihanna is the queen!