Is RondoNumbaNine Snitching Or Not? He Goes OFF!

RondoNumbaNine stands accused but he's not letting up!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I have not heard the name RondoNumbaNine in quite some time! When I did hear of him, it was because he was going to jail for 45 years. He and homie Cdai were found guilty of murder and was sentenced to 39 years in jail at the tender age of 19. Well this was in 2016. In 2019, the fella is causing more of a commotion.Both Rondo and Cdai were for the murder of cab driver Javan Boyd. Boyd was only 29.

Now, Vlad has reported the it was not Tay600 that pointed the finger, but RondoNumbaNine himself! According to the Russian, Cdai was the sole shooter and it was Rondo that said it. B-b-b-b-b-wait it gets better! RondoNumbaNine is not having it!

Now, he has threatened to "sue" Vlad if he continues to defame his good name!

What seems to be more plausible is that he's now trying to save his own skin and the only way to do it is to offer up the theory that his homey was the only shooter.

Is that snitching or not? Their case is in the books and this is appeal time. Will this change things for him? Doubt it.

Meanwhile, Rondo is tweeting up a storm, kinda of street lawyering his case.

Tay goes under the bus!

This is crazy.

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I keep saying/telling people to stay away from Vigilant Los Angeles Detective TV (VLADTV)!!!! He instigates & investigates!!!