Is Safaree Being Slick With K. Michelle And Nicki Minaj?

AllHipHop Staff

Is Nicki's Ex Scheming?

Based on the crap people were talking, I had to google “K. Michelle / Nicki Minaj Beef.” And come to find out, they definitely had beef back in the day. I guess it was over Meek Mill, which whom K had some sort of fling with. Anyway, Safaree sent K. Michelle a bunch of flowers. She’s in the hospital for something instagrammable. And, the flowers were too so she told the world.

Now, she makes it clear that she and Nicki’s Ex are just “Friends,” but you know people are going to talk. She does too.

Woke up from my surgery yesterday and got my favorite flower. Very sweet. Thanks to @sbstunts much respect that was real. Thanks to everyone who called and text to make sure I was good. I'm up, blessed, and ready to sing. #chill #noshade #nodramastopmakingit #hesmyfriend # #hotpocketisclosed#g ummybearsaremyfsvori te #letmelive #ohiwilllive

Oh the hashtags of it all…smh.