Is T.I. Dating This Model?


We really don’t know how T.I. and Tiny’s relationship is holding up; we just have been told that their divorce is on hold, and the two will continue filming VH1’s Family Hustle as a family unit.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) At this point maybe they should stay “together” and have an open relationship, or maybe they already do have one.

Word on the curb is that T.I. has been entertaining model Bernice Burgos. Blogger Fameolous received a TIP that Bernice was recently in Vegas with T.I.. She was said to be with him, alone, with no other female friends in tow. She was also said to have been watching Tip the entire time, and she allegedly didn’t move until he left the stage. She then apparently stayed with him the entire time afterwards.

The insider claims that Bernice had Tip smiling pretty hard. Every time we look at her Instagram photos, we understand why.

Do you think Tip is smashing, or are they just “industry friends”?