Is T.I. Getting Death Threats For Trump Diss / Melania Trump Video?

T.I. may have brought out the savage America once again!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Rapper T.I. made a video that looked eerily like Melania Trump. In the video, she was naked and looked like she was about to lay down with the rapper! Well, this was just too much for people that support the First Lady. Melania Trump has appeared naked in the past as she is a HOT RUSSIAN pin up model. Melania Trump is SEXY! And now, Americans are endeared to her, even though a common-sense thinking person would think, "Maybe she is a Ruskie loyal to her country right up in the White House." But she is THE FIRST LADY of a demagogue! But I digress.

So, the question is: Is Tip Getting Death Threats? The short answer is no. But, guess who is? THE WOMAN! Melanie Marden is the sexy American model - did I mention she was American - that was a part of ART that was clearly disrespectful to the president's wife or an immigrant. That is art, people - and its perfectly legal. ANYWAY! Anyway, now they are levying death threats to the woman model that was hired by Tip to render services for a fee.

Here is what she said on IG:

> Wow, I don’t usually post about haters but I need to, wow!!!

> This weekend I experienced this with my latest post of TI’s
@troubleman31new teaser of his music video - where I was hired (as an actress) not a stripper to portray Melania Trump@flotus

> It was a creative choice for me, and also an opportunity to empower women. I stand firmly in my decision to share all of myself in this role. I wanted to be brave, be fearless and for the first time in my life do a role that required nudity. The body is nothing to be ashamed of. In this time where women are finally speaking up about being victimized I felt good about being a strong enough woman to portray a nude First Lady.

> It was a hard decision for me but I’m proud of myself for being so brave.

> I send love to all the people who called me names and made accusations or delivered hurtful insults. These are clearly deep wounds inside of you. That have nothing to do with me. For that I am sad and wish you much healing. 💞🙏 To all the political people threatening me, I remind you this is a music video ~ Relax!

> I am an actress who played the role of
#nakedMelaniajust like when@alecbaldwininstaPortrays Trump on@nbcsnlSNL.

> So now I start my week wishing you all the best and remember if you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all ❤️


Here is the video in question.

They won't threaten Tip, because they know T.I. got guns and a nation of millions. Oh, and they are sexists!

They want to boycott T.I. but they cannot boycott what they NEVER supported in the first place.

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No. 1-2

RUSSIAN??? RUSSIAN?? Well, considering the idiot who writes behind this ''illseed'' profile can't even type properly, and writes idiotic ''articles'' and even more idiotic responses in the comments, I guess it would be too much to expect of you to know where Melania is from.. not that she mentioned it plenty of times, and her country mentioned her plenty after Trump got into office.

I'll let you fool google he country of origin which has nothing to do with Russia.


“It was a creative choice for me, and also an opportunity to empower women” oh get fucked! It was a bag of cash & you grabbed it... I got nothing against it until you start babbling this shit. So Brave!! Haha! That shit reads like pure comedy.