Is Taylor Swift Trying To Use Old Beef With Kanye West For Publicity?

It looks like Taylor Swift is back with the shady and snaky antics. She better not mess with 2017 Ye!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Taylor Swift faced much backlash last year after Kim Kardashian exposed that azz for lying on Kanye West.

Taylor loves to play victim, so she tried to publicly shame Kanye as she claimed she didn't know that she would be referenced and how she'd be referenced on his song "Famous".

It took Kim a while, but months later she came with some receipts of her own proving that Taylor was lying. Kim had audio recordings of a conversation between Ye and Swift that showed him telling her what the rap line would say.

Taylor's antics earned her the reputation of being a snake with people spamming her Instagram comments with snake emojis. I believe Taylor is the reason we can now lock the comments on Instagram posts.

Well now it looks like Taylor is trying to drum up more publicity and sales from her longstanding beef with Kanye as she's posted a few teasers that show images of snakes.

People feel like this is basically foreshadowing new music releases from the professional snake, Taylor Swift.

What are your current feelings about the singer?

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Not for nothing, because I do not give two shits about Taylor Swift, Kim K, or Kanye, but clearly people misrepresent that phone call and dispute about the famous lyric, because Kanye didn't recite the "I made that BITCH famous" part of the lyric, which is the offensive part of the lyric, not the "I think we might have sex part", you guys kinda suck at Allhiphop.