Is The Game Also Headed For Retirement?

AllHipHop Staff


(AllHipHop Rumors) Well it looks like 50 Cent isn’t the only veteran rapper to say he'll be stepping away from the mic after giving his fans one more album.

Ironically his old pal, The Game, is sharing very similar sentiments!

Something was on The Game's heart at one of his recent shows in Russia as the rapper shared,

“When I get back to LA, I’m going straight to jail because I f-cking had a fight with a police officer and sh-t. So I’m gonna sit down for a minute and write my next album, which is probably gonna be my last album. It’s called ‘Westside Story’, it’s gonna be some ill sh-t.”

Are you looking for new music from The Game? Is it indeed time for him to retire? Vh1 gon' head and give 50 & The Game a joint "Road To Retirement" reality show. LOL.

Dang it seems like the homie has been catching all kinds of "L's" especially since his request to get the damages in his sexual assault case were denied. Interestingly enough, some people believe that karma has caught up to Game for his violent "publicity stunts." What are your thoughts?