Is The Game Leaving The Game By Retiring!?!

The Game might be calling it quits and he's called some high-powered friends to make it happen.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Game. The Game is one of the best rappers ever! And he has certainly held it down in all levels: beef, beats, lyrics and even other stuff like supporting a young Kendrick Lamar. Now, is the rapper coming to the end of the road? Looks like The Game is working on his last album and he's got some help from Dom Kennedy.

Yeah, remember Dom? He's been dope, but he hit a slump until last year, where he made a triumphant return! The Game now has the OPM-king helming his next and last album. Personally, I don't think The Game is retiring, but this is what they are saying. The Game said on Instagram that he's going to be pulling in Dr. Dre, Scott Scorch and Just Blaze on the beats, but Dom Kennedy is the executive producer.

Don't leave the game, The Game!

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He is NOT one of the best that ever did it, and he is not retiring. No rapper retires.