Is There A 4-Hour Black Panther Coming To Fans?


Black Panther has already changed the game but now...we find there is another level.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Black Panther is taking the world by storm and not much and stop it at this point. The movie has read in over $700 billion and the ride. Marvel Studios has not seen a bigger franchise and experts predict that it will rake in more money than The Avengers.

Now, here is the rumor. The word on the street is that the director’s cut of Black Panther could potentially be over 4 hours long! Yes! The movie was epic and now there are new scenes popping up all over the place. This all originated from the fact that the musical composer says that he scored a 4-hour director’s cut. There are rumors that extremely powerful scenes were CUT! This has people going nuts! The movie is already classic!

I can’t wait!