Is There A Video Of Young Buck Having Sex With Another Man?

Young Buck is defending himself from allegations that he's attracted to men.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Young Buck has been one of the most celebrated rappers of one of the most celebrated rap crews, G-Unit. He has been accused of being freaking gay on a number of occasions. Honestly, this stuff is no nothing at this point, its no longer taboo. But the wave is up to tsunami levels at this point and that is largely because Buck replied.

This is crazy. First of all, check out what Young Buck had to say about the apparently damning video, even if he's not in it facially.

Spyder Loc - former G-Unit rapper - had some words to say and he said it. He basically said its the real deal, but they have their own beef going on soooooooooooo.....

Boskoe 100 is talking about it much talking.

This is NOT the first time that these sort of accusations have come out with Buck. It almost feels like Mister Cee back a few years ago, when he was repeatedly denying the transvestite stuff. Now, he's free and nobody cares. Do you, whatever you may do. Now, Buck apparently is NOT a man that prefers men, but what if he does? Does it matter? I suppose it does, because the comments are crazy! PC is not the way of the walk in online social communities.

Hopefully, it works our or does not work out. Whatever is best.