Is There Beef Brewing With A$AP And 50 Cent?


A beef brewing with A$AP and 50?

I heard, but didn’t see it. I heard that A$AP Rocky has been taking some shots at 50 Cent on social media, but I don’t see any evidence of it. As you know, 50 Cent somehow got into his ex’s DMs and A$AP hit her up, seemingly just to “build.” Then, 50 Cent made an off-color comment about A$AP wearing a dress or something. The Harlem rapper responded with something regarding “keep it classy” and that he didn’t know Tatted Up Holly was with 50. Yeah…I guess that’s possible. After that, A$AP apparently posted some stuff that was later taken down. This is not “beef” like we typically think about. Still, he said on Twitter, “IM WIT ALL THE SHITS, YALH GOT ME FUKED UP. NI99AS OUT HERE BE IN THEY GIRL'S DM'S MORE THAN ME N SH!T, EMO THUGS, MAKIN US ALL LOOK SILLY.” Then again, A$AP and them dudes get down in the street, please believe. How 50 Cent get in the DM’s anyway?