Is There MORE To The Jussie Smollett Situation!?

Did Jussie try to get out of acting and jump into something else more profitable?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Jussie Smollett - I LOATHE YOU! Do you think I want to sit around and talk about this dude all day? I mean, he is not much different that the others like Kanye West, that flood us with BS. Anyway, this BS is a bit different. This is a legal conundrum. Jussie is facing felony charges for filing a false police report!

This whole thing looks like a botched hoax, but I think there is something more going on! First of all, I cannot fathom somebody - MUCH LESS THREE GROWN MEN - being this stupid! I CHILD knows that you cannot really get away with this stuff like this. We have accepted this story at face value ever since it was revealed that Jussie was a liar - ALLEGEDLY!

Damn Jussie: Last season, you was the man Jussie, "WTF happened to you!?" Anyway....something just ain't right with this case. I cannot claim to be the one that knows. But, this simply seems off.Common sense is out the door, so I am not going to say much more.

Anyways, we know now that Jussie continues to maintain his innocence in the matter. What if this was a high-end set up? What if, say Lee Daniels is framing Jussie somehow? I have heard multiple theories that Lee Daniels might be the puppet master in all of this, that he is STILL behind it all.

Here is the other theory.

According to yappers, Jussie did this to try to make a career pivot from actor into activist. You know, these activists are out there getting PAID. Yes. The people you see on your TV all day or on the internet stirring sh#t up all day, are actually just creating a platform to get paid. See, activism pays very well and I think Jussie just might have wanted in on it all. The other word is, with the elections right around the corner, there is a prevailing sentiment that homie WAS looking to jump on Kamala Harris's campaign. Remember she was very supportive at first, but recently expressed disappointment and frustration.

I think the road ahead is going to be very hard for the Empire actor. But, be clear...there have been worse liars. But, few as dumb. Of course, we have somebody in the White House that fits both criteria.

Here are some of the images of Jussie as he walked out of the bing on $100k bond.