Is There New Music From Prodigy Of Mobb Deep On The Way!?


The New York representative was steadily working until he died.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Prodigy of Mobb Deep. We just "celebrated" his life on the 2nd anniversary of is tragic death this week. People are still reeling from his death, because he was one of the realest dudes in rap. AllHipHop and Mobb Deep did so much stuff together, its crazy to see P die so young. Anyway, before we talk about P's solo stuff, lets just say we are wondering when Havoc is going to drop some of that Mobb stuff they were working on. We interviewed both him and P separately enough to know there is material out there. They both talked constantly about having music on the way, but we haven't see a new bar drop. Well, they had something on the Hamilton soundtrack last year but that was a bit different. So...hoping they have something on the way.

Now, we now know that Prodigy died working on a project with The SnowGoons. Per Wiki: Snowgoons is a German underground hip hop production team composed of DJ Illegal and Det. The production team just revealed they have an album with P on the way. "This was already in the works and sadly P passed away

this would have been crazy."

Hmmmm...they are saying this "would have been crazy," which makes me think it ALMOST HAPPENED. I wonder now. What do you think? Do you even care?