Is There’s A Fresh Princess Moving To Bel-Air?

AllHipHop Staff

A new television show could be in the works that centers around a “Fresh Princess of Bel-Air”.

** By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)**

(AllHipHop Rumors) The "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is one of the best sitcoms to ever star a Hip-Hop artist.

Will Smith starred in the show as the main character.

The show took part of its name from his stage name "The Fresh Prince."

At the time the performer was touring and recording Grammy award-winning albums alongside his DJ, Jazzy Jeff, as they formed the duo The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

The show would air for almost six years and helped propel Will Smith to become the superstar actor we know him as today.

The show currently still airs in syndication on multiple networks, platforms, and streaming services.

Recently rumors began surfacing of a reboot is in the works. Those rumors circulated around the former cast getting back together to construct an updated storyline.

A new rumor has been making its rounds lately about a different reboot of the series that could be in the works.

This rumors centers around the idea of there being a Fresh Princess of Bel-Air.

The company that owns the rights to the "Fresh Prince" has also been trying to own the rights to the "Fresh Princess" name.

It's said that they are looking to trademark the name for merchandise including bags, backpacks, animal collars, clothing, and footwear.

Nothing else is known about the possible reboot as of now. However, this could be just the beginning of a new Fresh Prince resurgence.*