Is There Something Wrong With Stevie Wonder?

Be nice if we knew MOORE of what is going on right now!

(AllHipHop Rumors) OK, first off: Stevie Wonder is a national treasure! After the terrible losses of people like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, Aretha Franklin and quite a few others, there are rumors. Here is the thing....nobody knows. First of all, Stevie Wonder is ALIVE. So don't go spreading that rumor that Stevie Wonder is no longer with us. But, R&B legend Melba Moore put something extremely cryptic on Instagram that has set off true fans!

Keeping Stevie Wonder Lifted 🙏
Every little thing gonna be alright
Keep positive energy flowing only
Man does not have the last say. 😎
We love you Stevie always & Forever
Love from the real Melba Moore ❣️🙏❣️

Well, what the heck does that mean?

Now when she was challenged in the comments she didn't offer anything!

And that was that! Other people challenged her and she just continued to deflect!

UHM...if its in the press and shared by his family, then why is there NOTHING on it AT ALL! Give up the goods Melba Moore...unless this is about her and less about Stevie? She's got fans like me anxious. What are we praying for? Right now, I am praying that somebody takes Melba Moore's phone from her damn hands, because she is using social media wrong! What's good is that when people google, they will only get this article!

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