Is There Trouble In Paradise For Somaya Reece & Lady Luck?


Somaya Reece and Lady Luck put each other on complete blast on social media!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! It looks like there's trouble in paradise for the couple that was once "couple goals" for some same-sex couples.

I don't know what's going on with Somaya Reece and Lady Luck but the messiness of it all has spilled over to social media as the women continue to put each other on blast!

Apparently someone has been messy and disloyal in the relationship.

The couple got engaged back in March, but now it looks like you can forget about either one walking down the aisle. Both have taken shots at each other in some since deleted posts.

"When sh-t ain't working it's better to let go than to hold and hope for better. Life is too short just move on," posted Lady Luck"

Lady Luck even posted screenshots of a text message conversation between her and Reece where Somaya said that she was moving out and told her, 'f-ck your lease."

Somaya posted,

"Don't throw shade then block me. Keep the same energy you throw out. When no one was f-cking with you, or believed in you, I did. Never forget all of the behind the scenes things I did for you. Because I believed in you when no one else did. How many times I stuck up for you and went to war for you. How easy is it to forget @IamLadyLuck......Nothing lasts forever."

“Since hoes wanna be thirsty💦 I’m a diamond. But you like pebbles! Maybe it’s how I was raised but I DO NOT F*** WITH DISLOYALTY! At all. P.S don’t try to post things to make you “look” better. You must have forgot. I have SCREEN SHOTS! Play with me if you want silly girl," Somaya added.

“Corny sh-t like this is why I have never had a public relationship. Instead of being an adult and communicating this is how she deals with sh-t. All y’all see is the pretty pictures. Yall don’t kno what I go through. She’s gonna erase all of our pics and post her new lover in a few weeks. If u follow her your familiar with this pattern. I wish her all the best I just deserve much better," said Lady Luck.

You know these couples go from make up to break up, so maybe they will be back together by the end of the week. LOL. Carry on.