Is This Jim Jones’ Response To Cam’ron Cutting Him Off?


Who on earth can bring Cam’ron and Jim Jones together? It looks like Cam’ron and Jim Jones‘ brotherly beef is far from over.

by ClassicOne Rumors.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Jim Jones looks like he still misses his estranged brother, while Cam’ron looks like he is fed TF up and done with Jimmy.

While Cam’ron has admitted he has certainly had his faults in the past, he expressed that today his real issue is the fact that Jim Jones is always putting their business in the public eye by putting it all over social media.

Cam even said that he thinks he’s done with Jim Jones in a respectful manner.

Jim Jones must’ve gotten wind of Cam’s recent interview with Angie Martinez, because he took to Instagram to send a few shots that appear to be aimed at Killa Cam. Jones said,

“Money doesn’t make you a real n-gga. Your character, actions, and loyalty make u a real n-gga. I know real broke n-ggas, and rich f-ck n-ggas.”
“N-iggas talk more thn b-tches watch who u do dirt wit there’s no honor wit f-ck boys lol I’m around #Gigabyte #VL #DIPSET”

Ain’t no Dipset reunion bihhhhhh!