Is This R. Kelly's Ring Of Pedophilia?


The allegations are thick against R. Kelly, but what about the people around him?

(AllHipHop Rumors) First of all, it seems like Black people need to see other criminals depicted in movies in order to justify the arrest and persecution of R. Kelly. There is a Harvey Weinstein movie coming really soon. The name of the doc is "Untouchable" and the reviews are a bit "meh." But I think, there HAS to be sufficient information in there. People definitely know a lot about the case, but I really don't know much more about his guy. He's powerful. He allegedly has abused multiple women. And he's been busted. That's about all I know. So, now I am interested in this documentary.

R. Kelly is different. I feel like I know everything about him and continue to know more. Like there is a NEW video tape of R. Kelly allegedly raping a young girl. The tape is so old, that it is on VHS tape. Can you imagine? Anyway, Tasha K, somebody I am not familiar with completely, has assembled R. Kelly's "pedo-crew" of people that enabled him. Now, this is crazy, because we have long talked about how R. Kelly could only get away with this with help. So, this is all the opinions of Tasha K and none of these people have been convicted of anything. I am not going to name those included in the video so you will have to watch to see.